TWEEN ADVICE: Create motion design for that small screen everyone is staring at.

In a world filled with dazzling, complex movie and television ‘big screen’ effects, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of creating a big screen (and big budget) production for your business. But that might not be the right solution.


Consider this, most people spend their days staring at little screens.  The visual language of the icon is a good example of the minimization of unneeded and overly ornate detail. When designing motion design / animation media for mobile delivery, it’s important to strip down the visuals and to simplify your business message. Simple visuals overcome screen size constraints allowing your creative media to be easily viewed while being held in the audience’s hand.


When you’re planning a motion design / video animation project, consider handheld platforms to be the first choice for most viewers. It also creates many more opportunities for sharing your message. As for your message?  Hit your key points simply and effectively with concise language.


Now you need help with the visual. That’s where TWEEN steps in to help. And heck, we’re pretty dang good at it. TWEEN offers high quality, high value creative motion design solutions for you and your business. Send us your ideas and we can work together to create something unique and engaging for you and your audience.