Budget considerations for your animation project

Before TWEEN creates your project, pricing and budgets will have to be determined and negotiated. Since some clients have not ventured into the world of animation production, TWEEN thought it would be a good idea to give a little advice about the topic of budgets.

If you have an idea you want to support with animation, there are things to consider initially because each of these details will affect your budget.

  1. Do you have an existing script and storyboard? If you are a designer or have access to design resources and can provide us a rough storyboard and script, then you are about halfway done with your project! If not, you can expect to add some additional cost to your overall project. TWEEN can provide these services and provide great value to your messaging media.  We have the talent to distill what you want to say into it’s essential messaging, imagery and animation.
  2. What’s the assumed length your proposed media? Length of you final media often times reveals itself when your messaging is effectively conveyed to your audience. However as much time as it takes to effectively convey your message is ultimately how long your media runs. The longer the media runs, the more animation that needs to be created thus increasing costs. There are also considerations for your audience. Since attention spans are constantly shrinking, it’s good to deliver your message quickly and concisely. And the longer your media runs, the more viewers you lose. If it’s lengthy, consider segmenting it into chapters.
  3. Stock or custom?  Creative resources are constantly being commoditized. And often times, the quality of stock imagery and video surpasses the quality of custom image and video production. It is certainly more cost effective to utilize and these resources to develop your media/animation.  But these resources need to be put in the right creative hands. That means TWEEN! And, of course, we offer more custom solutions if you have the budget for custom video, photography, voice & illustration.

TWEEN can help you throughout all of these considerations with a free consultation by contacting us HERE.