FFI – Initial animation preview.

01/04/2019 – Line added

12/17/2018– Final with updates as requested

12/12/2018 – First final draft! 

12/07/2018 – Up to 1 Minute! Send thoughts. 

12/05/2018 – Adjustments made as requested. Looking good! 

12/04/2018 -I wanted to present this as an animation and not as stills for approval. Creating things of this nature are largely improvisational and as an animator, I need to string ideas and concepts together in a logical flow.  I stayed close to my general visual direction, but changed a few things I thought made more visual sense. I know there was some initial hesitation in using these figures (at the :06 mark) that are similar in style to the FFI logo – I honestly think it works so I wanted to present it. The reason I think it works is because they marry with the organizations brand and illustrate uniqueness without being color or culturally specific. I like the general color scheme of the FFI logo so I wanted to assimilate that throughout. I think it’s bright and optimitic.

The music in here is a sample for position only – just so you get a sense about how the voice-over sounds with music. It certainly brightens things up. 

Right now, I think this is flowing well. Send comments to john@tweencorp.com