Tween’s Process

Tween makes it easy for a variety of clients to work with us. Making the creative process streamlined and simple for you is our goal. We offer on-line proofing with the ability to review and comment on each second of your animations with via mobile of desktop.

Our Process: 

Budget: First, we need to determine your budget. If you have never done anything like this and have no idea on cost we can give you a general idea based on your project ideas. You can also be assured that we will have the flexibility to create projects that best suit your budget.

Formal Proposal and Approval: Next, we email you an itemized proposal which includes your costs and an outline of the steps in our process. We generally take a 50 percent down payment to initiate your project then final payment is due before delivery of your final media.

Consult and Writing: One of our script specialists will contact you about creating the right script for your project. We specialize in creating concise and effective language that best represents your ideas. Throughout the collaboration with you, we continue to refine the script until you are 100 percent satisfied with the language.

Visual Direction: During the writing process our assigned designer will supply initial creative visual direction for your animation and will review it with you until it is refined to your satisfaction.

 Voiceover: If your animation has a voiceover, will supply about a dozen sample reads from a variety of talented voiceover pros and offer guidance on whom we think suits your animation best.

Production: After the voiceover is complete, we begin building your custom animation. During the process, we will supply video files to you for you to review and we will consult with you on changes and revisions throughout the entire production.

Delivery: Once complete we will deliver the final completed animation video to you for you to distribute.